Labor Day Menu

Bye-bye, Summer. Hello, September!

Bye-bye, Summer. Hello, September!

Labor Day weekend means it’s the end of summer :( Although it was fantastic, I have to confess that I am looking forward to September. I actually think it’s one of my favorite months – the weather, sense of a fresh start, and the overflowing bounty of fruits and vegetables found at the farmers market.

Right about now, you may be tired of the burger and potato salad scene and ready to try something new. Is the crazy schedule of getting everyone ready for school making it hard to plan for your refreshed Labor Day cookout? Well, my friends, I’ve got you covered! I have chosen some of my favorite summertime recipes that are “on the lighter side” to share with you. Lighter–because if you are like me you are a not looking forward to putting on those jeans again. Can you say “inhale and zip!”

Denise’s Labor Day Menu (click the recipe title to see the full recipe)


  • My veggie hummus spreads can be found at La Patisserie everyday and at the Winchester Farmers Market Sept. 6th

    Find my veggie hummus spreads at La Patisserie everyday and at the Winchester Farmers Market Sept. 6th

    Tabouli Salad with Hemp - a perfect way to use up those tomato and cucumbers

  • Roasted Beet Hummus - serve on a cucumber or great in a wrap with spinach, cukes and a sprinkle of goat cheese


Side dishes:  


This month’s focus was on adding more raw foods into your diet. I hope you have tried a few of the recipes or have found other ways to eat more raw foods. To continue with that theme, and to help keep us on the right nutritional track, I will be hosting a Smoothie Challenge next week. So stay tuned and prepare your blender because we are going to mixing up some power smoothies, sure to keep you feeling light and Energized!

Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the end of the summer with your family and loved ones.


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