Want a Thrifty, Healthy Kitchen?

kitchen with veggies

We all know that the best way to keep ourselves healthy is to eat and prepare real food. In today’s busy lives, preparing your own meal can feel like an overwhelming task. We’re short of time, money or perhaps don’t have the cooking skills to whip up a quick meal. Then there’s the trip to the grocery store and all those confusing labels! Who know’s what safe to eat anymore?

Believe me, I know your pain — I am there with you. I am a busy working mother with three teens and a husband who travels a lot! When my children were small, I realized that the best way to keep my family healthy was for me to create a Healthy Eating System. A simple system that keeps my kitchen stocked with the healthiest foods, my grocery bill down and the ability to prepare simple tasty meals in my own kitchen.

Healthy Meal Planning buttonThis system has really worked for me and I would like to share it with you! So if you are someone who wants to improve your kitchen set-up and hone your cooking skills, then grab a friend and meet in my kitchen for the Healthy Meal Planning workshop on Tues Oct 28th at 7:30 pm. Can’t attend the workshop? Click to schedule a private consult (live or via Skype) with Denise!

This workshop is rich with inspiration, practical tips, recipes, tastings and fun!

You will walk away with

  • Your Healthy Eating System -- with a sustainable plan that’s simple, cost-effective and fun, you will be inspired to eat healthy for life!
  • Recipes that are simple, healthy and delicious like my Lasagna you can prepare in 15 minutes!

  • Strategies for travel and dining out – so you can always make the best choices
  • Food label guidance — avoid toxic ingredients and deceptive labels
  • Time saving tools – easier menu planning and faster grocery shopping!

I know you will love this foundational workshop because when you put the Healthy Eating System into practice, you will have more energy, time, money and Fun in the Kitchen. Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s to a fun healthy kitchen!


work with Denise button

  • Don’t live in the Boston area?
  • Can’t attend the Healthy Meal Planning workshop?
  • Missed the Pantry Detox workshop?

Not a problem! Set up a private consultation (live or via Skype) — click the button to connect with Denise!

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