Karina’s Aussie BBQ, Part Two

I’m back! Hope you had fun kicking off the Memorial Day weekend with a good ole BBQ. Did you try the beet dip on your DIY Burger?

Like I promised last week, here is my classic marinade and some simple healthy side dishes to go with any BBQ: a classic slaw with a low-fat twist, […]

Healthy Outdoor Cooking

The Energized Body welcomes Karina Hines!

Hello Energized Bodies!

Last week, I gave you some tips on how to increase your calorie burn. Did you try the interval work out? Will you stick with it? You have only 5 more weeks to go 🙂

Today, I am very excited to introduce Karina Hines, the […]

How to Boost Your Calorie Burn

Boost your Calorie Burn with Interval Training

Are you ready?

Ok, so you say “I’m going to get in shape for summer” – really! You know that one of the keys to losing weight is improving your diet, so you try to eat your veggies, cut down on sugar, wheat, dairy and processed […]

P is for Parsley, the Power Herb

Who would think that this “garnish herb” would offer such an abundance of nutritional value and virtually no calories? I try to throw it into my smoothies or salads every day – here’s why:

Parsley has one of the highest concentration of flavonoids of all foods. Flavonoids are a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that […]

Soup for the Win!

Spring time = Busy Sport Season for Families

Are you trying to figure out how to feed your family a healthy meal while shuffling your kids to their various sports?

Don’t reach for the fast food. Think Soup! You can make it ahead of time, scoop up a bowl pre-game, post-game or even bring it […]