Meet My Gluten-Free Gal

Hello Energized Bodies!

This week, I’d like to introduce Amy Rindskopf, the Girl Tuesday at The Energized Body. She keeps our website up and running and also takes our photos. When she isn’t making The Energized Body look good, she’s with her family, tracking down the best in gluten-free eats. She will be blogging […]

How to Use Your CSA box!

Got a CSA box? Shopping at the farmer’s market this weekend? Below are some recipes to help you use all those wonderful healing veggies. Let’s learn about some of the benefits we get from these veggies:

Radishes: these are amazing! They are high in skin-beautifying sulfur, silicon and Vitamin C. They are said to […]

Why Grass-Fed Beef

Photo by Meneer Zjeroen

I generally don’t eat a lot of beef. In fact, I limit it to once or twice a week. I prefer to get my protein from healthier sources with less saturated fat, like fish, beans, poultry and plants. However, on the occasion that I do eat meat, it is going […]

Quick Fresh Summer Meals

I am all for saving time, especially in the summer: who wants to be in the kitchen? This week’s recipes save time by sharing ingredients. Spend 5 extra minutes today for 3 meals instead of one!

I like to serve my Crab Mango Avocado Salad with Citrus Dressing at a luncheon or for dinner on […]