Preparing for a Gluten-Free Holiday Season

Halloween signals the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the start of the winter holiday season for young and old. For those needing to live gluten-free, this can be an especially challenging time of year. Office parties, open houses and family events are all complicated enough without having to make sure your food is […]

More Super Stars for Breast Health!

I’m back with another recipe packed full of nutrients for breast health — this time it has raw veggies, which are cancer choking super stars. Why do I call raw veggies cancer choking? Because we know that oxygen and a healthy PH are cancers’ enemies.

When our bodies are too acidic from eating […]

Spiced Lentils with Grilled Fish

Karina is here with a delicious and elegant way to celebrate good breast health. I’ll be back next week. Enjoy!

— Denise

This one is for the ladies; October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in support of that I have the perfect recipe that is […]

If I had breast cancer, I would eat…


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as I listen to the statistics of women diagnosed, I ponder the reality that it could happen to me. I can’t help but wonder, what would I do? What power foods would I eat to strengthen my immune system?

What I do know is that we have incredible […]

But You Don’t Look Sick! Living with Celiac Disease


Have you heard the one about the child with a tummy ache? “He wasn’t really sick, he was just nervous.” Or the one about the freshly-baked cookie: “one won’t hurt you!” Having celiac disease or other gastrointestinal disorders often means looking fine while feeling sick. Unlike when you have the flu or hives, where […]