From My Table to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week was the kickoff for my new cooking series “Denise’s Table.” We had a lovely evening of holiday dishes, party tips and great company.

This week’s recipe, Millet with Cranberries, Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts, was featured at Denise’s Table — and will be on my Thanksgiving table, as well! Chef Karina has […]

Exotic Coconut Pumpkin Soup

Your guests will be impressed with this one!

Thanksgiving is upon us and that means it’s pumpkin-time. Pumpkin is everywhere – lattes, pies, muffins! Although it is a healthy vegetable, giving us vitamin A and C, it is usually paired with sugar and fat, which completely counter all of its goodness! Instead of the […]

How To Enjoy A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Amy has some great ideas this week for making a gluten-free Thanksgiving stress-free and delicious, too. Enjoy! — Denise


If you love food – and who doesn’t? – then Thanksgiving is a hard holiday to beat. But when you need to be gluten-free, that same holiday becomes challenging.

Here are some tips for […]

Make Thanksgiving Sides The Main Attraction

Ah, Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday. Why? Because it’s all about food, of course! What brings me the most joy is getting people around a table and sharing a meal that celebrates the goodness that Mother Nature has to offer. I am particularly excited this year because I have the pleasure of hosting and will […]