Heart-Healthy Entertaining

It’s snowy here in the Northeast and we tend to be cooped up inside. I love it in the beginning–it gives me time to be in the kitchen to try new recipes. But after awhile, I like to spend time around a table with friends and family.

Last night, in […]

Reclaim Your Hearth Health:

It’s easier and tastier than you think!

February is Heart Health month and you have probably heard some of the startling statistics:

Someone dies from heart disease every 39 seconds; Someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds; and Heart disease and stroke cost patients over $173 billion annually.

Yikes! I certainly don’t want to […]

Gluten-free Brownies

February is chocolate month here at the Energized Body. Amy’s got a great take on gluten-free brownies this week. Enjoy! — Denise

In our house, brownies aren’t optional. Every batch is devoured, usually in hours, not days. When we had to go gluten-free, it was one of the first baked goods I worked […]