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Welcome! Some people call me the Fit Foodie but my real name is Denise Costello and my business is The Energized Body. I live here in Winchester and it is my mission is to help you eat your way happy & healthy so you can feel your best, be your best & give your best.

I’ve always loved food and cooking. I still remember my very first Charlie Brown cookbook and making Lucy’s Lemon Squares for my dad. When I became a nurse, I started learning more about the link between food and health. But it wasn’t until I became a mom that I started thinking of food as medicine. Committing to healthy habits can be a challenge because we lead such busy lives. I know first-hand that even when you commit to living a healthy lifestyle, you still need to be flexible and frugal in order to make those good habits stick. So that’s why I’ve decided to share the Healthy Eating System I created for me and my family with others who are looking for a practical, holistic way to eat well and enjoy life’s pleasures.

I am very passionate about motivating and educating busy overwhelmed individuals and families towards wellness. My creative solutions come from my medical trainingas a registered nurse, my love of food, and the holistic approach I take to living and staying healthy. I call myself a flexitarian – eating mostly a plant based diet and drawing from the power foods that will heal and protect the body from illness. I believe that the best place to start on your quest for health is in the kitchen.

A little about my background: I have my BSN in Nursing from the College of Mount Saint Joseph and began my nursing career as a Captain in the Air Force. While in the Air Force, I served as a flight nurse in the Gulf War, as a health promotion officer and worked in high risk obstetrics. That led me to the University of Illinois, where I received an MS in Adult Corporate Fitness and Health Promotion. The focus was on empowering individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, thereby keeping them out of the hospital.

I moved to Winchester, MA, when I married my husband, Peter.  There, I was involved in the creation of the Winchester Breast Care Center as the nurse coordinator. When my twins were born, I became even more interested in learning how to keep my family healthy and protected from disease.

A move to my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, allowed me to combine my love of cooking and healthcare background as the healthy cooking instructor for the students at Oak Farm Montessori School. I began catering nutritious dishes for specialty events, obtained a yoga teaching certification and worked at Bel Santé Medical Spa, where I developed and coached individuals through a successful weight management program addressing both body and mind. When we returned to Winchester, I started The Energized Body.

My clients say that after working with me they feel light and energized, their pantries are transformed, and they have the tools to prepare healthy meals and the confidence to make real health changes.

So look to me as your “Go To Gal”, giving you the tools and knowledge to become a healthy Energized Body for Life!  Let’s get started today!

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