My 5 Morning Musts

What we know today about heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and many autoimmune diseases is that one of the causes is chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, our typical American lifestyle and diet can be the root cause of chronic inflammation in our body. Things like

Stress Lack of sleep Pollution Smoking Lack of exercise Diet heavy […]

Your Favorite 13 from 2013

Hello, New Year! One of the things I love most about what I do is hearing from you 🙂 Here’s a recap of your favorite 13 recipes from 2013:

1. Energized Body Programs: The 4-Day Detox & Group Nutrition Boot Camp

Beet Hummus

“Going great!! Love the Beet Hummus!! […]

The Gluten-free Lunchbox

The kids are back to school everywhere this week and that means the return of the daily lunch and snack grind. When you have a child who needs to be gluten-free, you may feel that your snack and lunch choices are limited. But not to worry! Many of the standard lunchbox choices are either gluten-free […]

Dinosaur BBQ’s Mojito Chicken

My neighbor Ben turned me onto this recipe. We are both fans of the Dinosaur BBQ in upstate New York – a favorite hang of bikers, too! If you are ever in Syracuse or Rochester, NY – check it out.

I love it, especially on the weekend when having guests. It’s one of those dishes […]

Springtime Recipes for Holy Week

As a Catholic, I am partaking in a peaceful week of reflection, penance and fasting as we prepare for Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. The traditional name given to this week is Holy Week. It starts with Palm Sunday, followed by Holy Thursday, and Good Friday. I love the services and the quiet reflective quality […]