Speaker Series

Good Health Starts in the Kitchen

Learn to make delicious nutritious meals with Denise’s fun and interactive presentations.

Whether given in your home, business, church, school or even in your yoga studio, each of these programs will incorporate a cooking demonstration, tasting, and recipes.


Denise can tailor her presentation to your situation, health concerns or nutritional interests. Here are some examples:

  • Detox your Pantry –Denise will show you what foods to pitch and what foods to add to your pantry so that you can prepare quick nutritious meals for your family .
  • Out Smart Stress and Weight Gain through Mindfulness Stress is one of the  major causes of illness and weight gain. This is a “You can do this” blueprint of a lifetime of optimal nutrition and vitality.
  • Future Fit Foodies – A healthy life starts at home. Denise will teach you how to get your kids eating right today, for a healthy tomorrow.

Any of the presentations can be given in these two formats:

  • One-hour nutritional cooking presentation: Includes generous tastings, healthy cooking tips and recipes
  • One-hour mini seminar: Includes nutritional cooking presentation and recipes.

This knowledge will last a lifetime. Contact us at thechrysaliscenter@gmail.com to schedule a life-long investment in your health.

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