Labor Day Menu

Bye-bye, Summer. Hello, September!

Labor Day weekend means it’s the end of summer 🙁 Although it was fantastic, I have to confess that I am looking forward to September. I actually think it’s one of my favorite months – the weather, sense of a fresh start, and the overflowing bounty of fruits and vegetables […]

Raw & Delicious: Peach Arugula Salad

I love the summer bounty! The fresh vegetables and fruit are so colorful and succulent, who can resist eating these vibrant beauties? Our bodies thrive on raw plant-based foods. I think this is why our creator made fruits and vegetables look soo enticing! Asking yourself “How can I get this more of these beauties into […]

How to Use Your CSA box!

Got a CSA box? Shopping at the farmer’s market this weekend? Below are some recipes to help you use all those wonderful healing veggies. Let’s learn about some of the benefits we get from these veggies:

Radishes: these are amazing! They are high in skin-beautifying sulfur, silicon and Vitamin C. They are said to […]