A Kale Pesto Even Fathers Will Love

Better make a double batch: there are so many uses for this dip!

Last week, we talked about how certain foods actually help to protect your skin from the sun. Two of those foods are kale and Brazil nuts.

Kale has an abundant source of beta-carotene that converts in the body to retinol. […]

Gluten-Free Pantry

Amy’s admiring her pantry this week. Come see what she’s doing right! — Denise

My family recently celebrated our gluten-free anniversary. Looking back at the changes we have made during the past year has been pretty awe-inspiring. The idea of keeping our home completely gluten-free was daunting at first but now it seems […]

A New Year’s Celebration to a Healthier You!

I am so looking forward to the new year. I love the celebration with friends and family, followed by time spent on deciding my intentions for the year ahead. Once I know my goals, I love finding ways to kick start the new year. As you ring in 2014, here are some new […]

3 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Winter is upon us — brrrr! Cold weather coupled with the busy holiday season can be taxing on our immune system, which can cause us to get sick, leaving us not so jolly. Although there are many great strategies and power foods to strengthen your immune system, today we will focus on my top […]

How To Enjoy A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Amy has some great ideas this week for making a gluten-free Thanksgiving stress-free and delicious, too. Enjoy! — Denise


If you love food – and who doesn’t? – then Thanksgiving is a hard holiday to beat. But when you need to be gluten-free, that same holiday becomes challenging.

Here are some tips for […]