Why Jicama Is Good for Your Body:

Refreshing, Crunchy, Nutritious!

Have you ever tried jicama? Get ready to take a culinary adventure, south of the border. Especially if you are tired of nibbling on carrots and celery for your healthy snack!

First grown in South and Central America, jicama (also known as the Mexican yam), is a delicious, sweet-tasting and crunchy root […]

Why You Should Give Mom Dark Chocolate

Earlier this week, I christened my new kitchen with an Energized Body Cinco De Mayo party. It was a fun event, combining all the things I love – bringing people together, noshing on fresh delicious food and sharing information.

Watermelon Cucumber Liquado & Berry Vodka Spritzer

Traditional (not Americanized) Mexican fare was served. […]