3 Ways to Get Healing Foods in Your Holiday Routine — Now!

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season when we have a few more things on our plate (ha! a little pun there :)). We have busier schedules, less sleep and are exposed to more people — all of which can set us up for illness and feeling stressed out! At times like this, you […]

The Perfect Hostess Gift?

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Spring is filled with celebrations! Growing up, we had a large extended family so there was always something we were gathering for, be it a birthday, first communion or graduation party. Loved it! Perhaps that’s why I enjoy entertaining so much.

My real excitement comes when I can put […]

Easter Brunch Starters

One of my favorite pleasures in life is gathering with the family to celebrate the holidays. Getting everyone around the table and enjoying a beautiful, delicious meal is pure heaven to me 🙂 Growing up in Indiana, Easter was always a welcome celebration after the quiet, reflective period of Lent and the grey of […]